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Tubular radiator Instal Projekt Tubus from

Offer type: salePublished: 20.04.2023
Company:Style Radiators
Seller:Derizemlya Oksana
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Address:L'vivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

A timeless, versatile design. A classic look in a new form. Perfect for contemporary interiors and in the spirit of retro. The radiator is available in several hundred combinations.

The radiator is a steel tubular radiator made up of sections with a width of 46.5 mm, connected by welding method, coated with hi-tech polymer coating with multi-stage pre-treatment. The maximum number of partitions in one device 45 PCs.

Technical parameters:
Working pressure – 10 ATM.
Compression pressure: 16 bar.
Operating temperature – 95 C.
Width (mm): 123-2122.
Height (mm): 160-2000.
Depth (mm): 66.
Power (W): 28-3906