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Sell piston rings for compressors 2ОК1, PC 5.25 V, KVD-M

Offer type: salePublished: 09.05.2017
Price:1 $
Company:Kompaniya 'REChKOMDNEPR'
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Address:Khersons'ka Oblast', Beryslav, Ukraine

 Good Day!

Our Company "RECKONER" we offer piston rings for ship and diesel engines and compressors:


Compression ring 1st stage 2ок1.22.06.

Compression ring 2nd stage 2ок122.05.

The oil scraper ring 1st stage 2ок1.22.07.

Ring inlaid with lid piston 2ок1.22.04 SB.


The oil scraper ring without expander 4h 805/11

Ring oil scraper 4ч8.5/11

Compression ring chromed 4ч8.5/11

Compression ring secondary


Ring piston oil scraper 1st (HPC-M) M85*5

Ring, piston 1st (HPC-M) у85*3

Ring 2st piston (HPC-m) у32*2


Ring piston 0330.11.019-4

Ring piston 0210.12.003-4

Ring piston 0330.11.050 SB

Ring piston 0210.12.004-4

Ring piston 0330.11.021-4

PC 5,25

Ring piston compression CVP 80

Ring piston oil scraper CVP 80

Piston ring with expander CVP 80

Ring piston compression LPC 140

Ring piston oil scraper LPC 140

Piston ring with expander LPC 140

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