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Boilers Protherm Odessa buy boiler Proterm in Odessa

Offer type: salePublished: 01.02.2018
Company:"Odessa Klimat"
Seller:Konditsioneryi Odessa
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Address:Odessa oblast', Odesa, Ukraine

Boilers Protherm Odessa from the official dealer, we have You can always buy a boiler Proterm from a warehouse in Odessa, and under the order.

We also offer professional installation of boilers Protherm.


• gas boilers Protherm

• electric boilers Protherm

• solid fuel boilers Protherm

• oil boilers Protherm

• solar collectors Protherm

• capacitive water heaters Protherm


Wall Combi gas condensing boilers:

Protherm Lynx Condens 18/25 MKV

Protherm Lynx Condens 25/30 MKV


Wall single-circuit gas condensing boilers:

Protherm Lynx Condens 25 MKO

Protherm Lynx Condens 30 MKO


Wall Combi boilers:

Protherm Panther 25 KTV

Protherm Panther 25 KOV

Protherm Panther 30 KTV

Protherm Panther 30 KOV

Protherm Panther 35 KTV


Protherm Gepard 23 MTV

Protherm Gepard 23 MOV


Protherm Lynx 24

Protherm Lynx BA 24

Protherm Lynx 28


Wall-mounted single-circuit gas boilers:

Protherm Panther 12 KTO


Electric boilers:

Protherm SKAT 6 To

Protherm SKAT 9 To

Protherm SKAT 12 To

Protherm SKAT 14 To

Protherm SKAT 18 To

Protherm SKAT 21 To

Protherm SKAT 24 To

Protherm SKAT 28 To


Outdoor condensing gas boilers.

Protherm Bear 18KKS

Protherm Bear 25 KKS

Protherm Bear 35 KKS

Protherm Medved 48 KKS


Outdoor gas boilers with electronic ignition:

Protherm Bear 20 KLOM

Protherm Bear 30 KLOM

Protherm Bear 40 KLOM

Protherm Bear 50 KLOM


Outdoor gas boilers with piezo ignition:

Protherm Bear 20 PLO

Protherm Bear 30 PLO

Protherm Medved 40 PLO

Protherm Medved 50 PLO

Protherm Medved 60 PLO


Non-volatile floor-standing gas boilers:

Protherm Bear 20 TLO

Protherm Bear 30 TLO

Protherm Medved 40 TLO

Protherm Medved 50 TLO


Outdoor gas boilers with built-in boiler:

Protherm Bear 20 KLZ

Protherm Bear 30 KLZ

Protherm Medved 40 KLZ

Protherm Medved 50 KLZ


Outdoor gas the boilers with great power:

Protherm Grizzly 65 KLO

Protherm Grizzlies 85 KLO

Protherm Grizzly 100 KLO

Protherm Grizzly 130 KLO

Protherm Grizzly 150 KLO


Solid fuel boilers:

Protherm Bober 20 DLO

Protherm Bober 30 DLO

Protherm Bober 40 DLO

Protherm Bober 50 DLO

Protherm Bober 60 DLO


Protherm Capybara Solitech Plus 3

Protherm Capybara Solitech Plus 4

Protherm Capybara Solitech Plus 5

Protherm Capybara Solitech Plus 6

Protherm Capybara Solitech Plus 7

Protherm Capybara Solitech Plus 8


Boilers for operation with oil or gas burners fan:

Protherm Bizon 70 NO

Protherm bison 80 NO

Protherm bison 90 NO

Protherm Buffalo 100 NO

Protherm Bizon 120 NO

Protherm Bizon 150 NO

Protherm Bizon 200 NO

Protherm bison 250 NO

Protherm Bizon 300 NO

Protherm bison 350 NO

Protherm Bizon 420 NO

Protherm Bizon 510 NO

Protherm bison 630 NO

Protherm Buffalo 750 NO

Protherm bison 870 NO

Protherm bison 970 NO

Protherm bison 1030 NO

Protherm Bizon 1200 NO

Protherm Buffalo 1300 NO

Protherm bison 1400 NO

Protherm bison 1600 NO

Protherm bison 1800 NO

Protherm Bizon 2000 NO

Protherm bison 2400 NO

Protherm Bizon 3000 NO

Protherm Bizon 3500 NO



The company "ODESSA CLIMATE" specializiruetsya on sale, installation and servicing of boilers Protherm.

With us you can always buy boilers Proterm from a warehouse in Odessa, and under the order.