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equipment for the production of caramel gauge G7-SKI and so on.

Offer type: salePublished: 15.01.2018
Company:OOO Elektrotehnicheskaya kompaniya
Seller:Koshevatskij Roman Borisovich
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equipment for the production of caramel gauge G7-SKI and so on.


1.Machine gauge G7-SKJ. equipment for the production of caramel. Machine gauge G7-SCI continuous action, designed to pull filled or unfilled harness soft or hard caramel. performance: 385-1500 kg. hour.

2. The site of formation of caramel G7-SHMK-30 step node 30 mm. equipment production of caramel.

3. Machine caramele-stamps G7-SHMK-1. equipment for the production of caramel. The machine is suitable for the formation of the solid candy caramel harness (or harness stuffed with) a variety of caramel depending on configuration, pattern and size of the dies forming the circuits. Included equipment flow-mechanized lines for the production of caramel on the confectionery industry. Performance 540-1100 kg. hour.

4. Node formation caramel G7-SHMK-20 step hub - 20 mm. equipment for the production caramel. 5. Machine fillers B4-SMN-1. equipment production of caramel. Designed to supply the filling inside caramel loaf and set in a line for the production of caramel in the confectionery industry.
Refurbished machine, fillers B4-SMN-1 is designed to supply the filling inside caramel loaf. The machine is supplied with the equipment thread-mechanized lines for the production of caramel in enterprises the confectionery industry. performance from 100 to 648 kg. hour.

6. Dispenser for syrup G7-shds-M. equipment for the production of caramel. Designed for dosing of sugar syrup in the confectionery industry. Performance not less than 320-630.650-1300 kg. hour.

7. Horizontal mixer brand CU-3194.The mixer is designed for mixing and tempering prescription mixtures in the production of marshmallow, marmalade and caramel.

8.Evaporating boiler automatic unloading to 33-2A-10.02.000 . The boiler evaporator is designed for boiling caramel mass to the desired density with subsequent automatic unloading the masses.Quick cooking weight 2min, the operation of the apparatus under vacuum, automatic unloading, while there is a power outage, a transition to manual control.

9. Evaporating boiler in the vacuum apparatus with automatic unloading to 33-2A-10.02-MPA. Used in the manufacture of caramel.

10. The trap 33-2A-10.03.000 . The trap 33-2A-10.03.000 designed to keep the particles of the caramel mass, entrained secondary steam.

Equipment after cap. repair with warranty.Without payment,payment after inspection equipment.

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