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Spare parts for diesel 6ч18/22. New arrival.

Offer type: salePublished: 14.01.2019
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Address:Khersons'ka Oblast', Kherson, Ukraine

Spareparts for diesel 6ч18/22. NEW ARRIVAL

Will sell the cover and cylinder pistons 6ч18/22
Cylinder covers 6ч18/22 universal 2077-14А2.03сб 01-0504сб
The piston 6ч18/22 2077-21Б1.01-120 01.001-6
The piston 6ч18/22 2077-21Б1.
The piston 6ч18/22 2077.21 A. 008 101.120.010-6
In stock in stock available, a wide range spare parts for diesel engine
6ч18/22.Ready to give offer on request.