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Library of 100 volumes

Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2016
Price:3 000 $
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
In this section, I want to offer You exclusive collector's edition for your home library or services in binding books for home library !
These exclusive editions are collector's leather bound, gold and blind embossing of silk ribbon... Agree, it is a good gift! Because for a person who loves the book of little or no importance the fact that thanks to modern technology, even the largest collection of books can be stored in a small laptop. True connoisseurs will not be interested in the new gadget for reading electronic books, which are on the market today full. For him, the book will always remain a book - beautiful and versatile gift for all occasions .
If our books are not suitable or not what you want, You can order services in binding books for a home library according to Your wishes and fantasies.

Online store VseProsto works for you and strives to make your life, brighter, nicer and more interesting. We offer You an exclusive library of rare numbered edition of books, exciting books, gift editions, services in binding books for a home library!

1. You want to buy the collector's edition of books for your home library?
2. My dream is to find an exclusive gift for a loved one?
3. I wish to congratulate with the anniversary colleague or boss?
                      - WE will gladly ASSIST YOU IN THIS MATTER, and if the books are not suitable or not what you want, You can order services in binding books for home libraries, or the same isolated instances taking into account individual wishes! For detailed information You should contact the site administration.

VseProsto - Internet shop of exclusive gifts and Souvenirs in Kiev.
tel.(044) 229-65-65; (068) 364-10-20.