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Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2016
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Decanters and jugs
Here you can find a perfect gift for couples, for example, in a holiday house-warming or wedding anniversary. Excellent selection - silverware , silver tableware , decanters silver and silver jugs . Besides, needless to say about the usefulness of the drink, which is served in silver dishes? It is known that silver is a precious metal that does not cause allergies, and can even ionize water.

Silverware - this is a gorgeous gift for loved ones and business partners. Don't forget that silverware is not only the beauty and health but also a secure investment. Silverware will become a family heirloomthat will pass from generation to generation.
Decanters and pitchers - a special category of silverware, to his deserved privileged treatment on legal grounds. This cookware is a regular category of expensive jewelry. The reason for that is the main manufacturing material, namely silver 925. Besides, we should not lose sight of the decorations, among which are mainly gold-plated, enamel and various ornamental stones. Beautiful, heavy, large, presentable and, of course, precious... Decanters and a jug of the precious silver - a worthy gift for dear person!

1. You want to buy a luxury set of silverware for myself?
2. My dream is to find an exclusive gift for a loved one?
3. I wish to congratulate with the anniversary colleague or boss?
                       - WE will gladly ASSIST YOU IN THIS MATTER, and if presented on the site, samples of the product does not fit, You can order the production of exclusive collection is tailored to the individual wishes! For detailed information You should contact the site administration.

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