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Automotive keychains

Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2016
Price:16 000 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Gold and silver car charms handmade – beautiful gift and a stylish accessory which will not be superfluous in the possession of a respectable car!
This section presents automotive keychains made of precious metals, jewellery decorated with enamel and precious stones. Keyrings (or keychains) are created in small limited series with 2-4 pieces of each brand of car. All the jewelry are the proof of conformity of assay chamber of Ukraine. Each piece is a manufacturer's sample and assay office, and also labeled with date of manufacture, samples of the material, the weight of the product and its cost.

Gold and silver car charms are an example of prestige, taste, individuality. If You are a happy owner of a prestige car, why not dress up your look a nice touch, such as automotive keychain made of precious metal? This stylish accessory will add originality will highlight Your bright personality and independence of Your style. And then, You will certainly be able to Supplement your respectable appearance and to emphasize the image of a real business person.

If You want to please his employee, major customer, business partner or loved one, then a gold or a silver car key chain is exactly what you need. This gift you will create a good impression of yourself, and build a long and productive relationship with the person who will present this gift. automotive key fobs, automotive key rings, gold keychain, silver key chains, auto key chains, keyring gold to buy, gold rings, silver keychain

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