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manufacture of carton boxes for medicine Kiev

Offer type: salePublished: 05.03.2016
Company:01 ASSA ChP
Seller:Soluyan Alidzhan Alidzhanovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Typography ACCA " industry Leader in 2015 year" produces cardboard boxes of different designs, printed products, butalso specializes in the manufacture of POS - materials made of cardboard of different species.

      Drugs very fragile product, so they are often sold in cartons. This allows not only protect the bottle, and apply colorful and the drug itself. The cardboard performs all of its protective functions ,there is many drugs and they all vary in size and sometimes the shape of the bottle. Therefore, the packaging should be different.

       In addition, the package executes the role of advertising, which allows not to attract agents. The best option is the monotony and clarity of the inscriptions. It is the font should be given the greatest attention, because the medications are very often bought by people with impaired vision.

      Our advantages is the rapid production of cardboard boxes on ordering with an individual approach to each customer, convenient delivery, low rates, discounts for regular customers, regular promotions.

      To order the production of cardboard boxes , you can leave the application by calling the phone number of Kiev phone: 044 331-94-55,545-74-75 044,066 575-15-66,098 545-88-18 or filling placed on the site contact form