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The polypropylene twine

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Polypropylene yarns and twines are manufactured from virgin polypropylene (feedstock are LDPE/HDPE/PP/PA/PET/Polyester) twisting, unpainted, nominal linear density of 250 dtex, 500 dtex, 1000 dtex, 1250 Tex, 1660 Tex, 2000 dtex, 2200 dtex, 2500 dtex, 2860 Tex, 3000 dtex, TX.

By agreement with the consumer has the ability to produce almost any thread nominal density.
Polypropylene yarns and twines can be stabilized against ultraviolet radiation and can be used in extreme climatic conditions.

Polypropylene twine is produced in a cylindrical bobbins of precision (cross) by filament winding.

All products are manufactured according to specifications and certificates of conformity of twine, made of polypropylene yarn by twisting (GOST 17308-88).
The quality of our products is ensured by modern equipment, using high quality raw material and latest technology with 100% fibrillated yarn. The mass of twine in the reel: 5,0 kg.