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We sell quail hatching eggs breed Golden Phoenix

Offer type: salePublished: 10.04.2015
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Seller:Ogorodnik Valerij
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Address:Ukraine, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy

We implement selective hatching eggs quail breeds

The Golden Phoenix (meat).

   We constantly select the best parent material, all breeds on the farm. Proper maintenance and quail their full nutrition is the main criterion for obtaining a full hatching eggs, which in turn guarantees a high percentage o calves up to 90 %. Young animals when leaving the eggs more healthy.

Meat breed quails Golden Phoenix, is the main line in France and Germany. Main the advantages of this breed is a good gain, more than 350 gr., meat white, without the Express blue, which is inherent in small breeds that make a difference this breed in the gastronomic aspect. Big bird is perfect for making juicy broth, and for Smoking and frying in the grill.

 Little quail are very hardy and active, growing fast enough. Well rush and incubated. Representatives of this breed are smart plumage, consisting of brown and yellow feathers, giving the impression of Golden.

Phoenix Golden is one of the breeds of poultry, which is rapidly growing demand every year in Ukraine because of its distinctive advantages and benefits. Representatives of this breed are characterized by a large head, pronounced thoracic part and quite strong paws. Bird perfectly suitable for breeding for meat. Representatives of this breed are characterized by their resistance and good endurance to handle long distance.

Characteristics of quails breed Golden Phoenix:

  1. Color of plumage: Golden color (melted milk) with black spots
  2. Consumer view of the carcass is high
  3. The weight of females (60 days): 360 - 450 gr.
  4. The weight of male (60 days): 270 -400 gr.

5. Weight carcasses of females (60 days) - 250-300 gr.

6. Weight carcasses of male (60 days) - 200-250 gr.

7. Beginning oviposition - 40-42 days

  1. Egg production: 80-85 %
  2. Egg weight: 13 - 17 gr.

10. Full maturation - 60 days

  1. Hatchability Chicks 85-90%.

12. Safety young - 98%

  1. Feed intake: gr./day

14. The ratio males/females - 1/3

Eggs for incubation are selected on for 3-5 days, according to the following criteria: weight, egg shape, quality shell.

Min. party - 50 PCs., max. batch of 100.PCs.

   Packing hatching eggs:

All hatching eggs are Packed in cardboard boxes, and each layer Peresypkin sawdust, this gives greater confidence in the safety of the goods when shipment. Also the paid amount by the customer, doda still from 5% to 10 % of hatching eggs, for free, on the covering of possible fight.

Payment and shipping:

Payment is made by money transfer to the card account. Shipping eggs by Ukraine is carried out, courier "New Mail". Average the shipping cost 20-40 USD. The delivery time is on average 24 to 48 hours.

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