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Ginseng drink with stem cells ginseng Vinsel Tonic drink

Offer type: salePublished: 15.02.2022
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Ginseng drink WinCell Tonic Drink is made from the extract of the stem cells of wild ginseng over the age of fifty years, which grows in mountainous regions of Gangwon province in South Korea.
Ginseng is a real godsend for doctors. It is established that it strengthens the nervous system, increases the body's resistance, improves metabolism , heart and circulatory system, prolongs life, reduces fatigue, improves mental and physical performance; stimulates the function of liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs; soothes tachycardia, improves eyesight and the digestive system, reduces blood sugar in diabetes, normalizes blood pressure.
It is recommended to take ginseng to all persons over the age of 40 years, in order to prevent and treat about 100 diseases! It was noticed that those who constantly uses ginseng, have better health and an optimistic Outlook on life. People (taking ginseng different kinds constantly prophylactically) more active and mentally balanced. Ginseng has shown more than just the elderly to PEP - taking products containing ginseng, helps get rid of depression.
Ginseng drink WinCell Tonic Drink:
- helps to restore vitality,
- relieves fatigue,
- nourishes and revitalizes the body,
- strengthens the immune system.
Ideal for those who:
- lacks physical strength,
- suffers from fatigue,
- wants to improve their health,
- slow aging,
- maintain an active lifestyle.
Excipient - fruit juice - made from wild tropical fruits.
Method of application:
A full course of rehabilitation - 45 days 1 sachet per day.
Children under 16 should not be used. 068-199-30-92