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Biological Product Reuchlin-K (Compost)

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Reuchlin - To

Drug-biodestruction Reuchlin-To -koncentrovana mixture of natural strains of microorganisms, fungi, enzymes to accelerate natural erosion (pregnane) - composting of organic waste vegetable origin, mowed lawn grass, weeds, farmyard manure, paper and cardboard, leaves and sawdust, tree bark, straw and hay, food waste cooking, husks and bagasse, husks, etc.

Method of use : 50 ml (0.5 bottles) Reuchlin-To stir and dissolve in 10 liters of water. To withstand 30-40 minutes at room temperature, before use, mix intensively. Received the solution evenly in layers to process the contents of the compost pit or buy made in such a manner as to ensure good ventilation. Each layer of 20-25 cm pour manure, soil or straw to improve the access of air. 50 ml of the drug is sufficient to composting 2-3m3 waste. During composting, the temperature inside pit significantly increased as a result of the activity of microorganisms. Not cover with foil, it is desirable to make a shade. 1-2 times a month to moisturize water and mix with intensive drying is desirable to repeat the introduction of the drug Reuchlin-K. Drug use in ambient temperatures from 0 to +40 ° C.

Composting -Pregnana occurs in 2-4 months depending on weather conditions. The result: the Finished compost should have the color and smell of the soil. Compost prepared with the use of Reuchlin To environmentally safe organic fertilizer that improves soil structure and an important part of the fertile layer of humus. Compost is additionally contributes to the reproduction of earthworms that have a significant role in soil formation. high content of nutrients for plants.

Reuchlin-K contains yourself live selected strains of microorganisms in the natural environment rotting different products and concentrated biotech methods.

Reuchlin-To contribute quick breakdown of cellulose and other natural organic compounds to simpler which is easier to digest during the life plants.

The drug due to the high concentration the introduced strains of microorganisms prevents the development of pathogenic (harmful) microorganisms.

As a result when making such compost in the soil, increase crop yields and their the ability to tolerate adverse conditions.

The drug Reuchlin-It is safe for humans and warm-blooded animals.

Recycling of organic matter through composting does not pollute the environment

Trimani the compost vikoristovuet Yak Dobrevo pid whether that ViDi selskohozproduktsii Roslin at rozrachunku 15 - 400kg/ar.


Shelf life 3 years. Store in original container in a dark place

TU 20.1-2510013578-001: 2013 Hygienic conclusion the Ministry of health of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04 / 26167 from 15.04.2014 g..

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