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Heat, on the injection of granular waste products, grit, peat, coal

Offer type: продамPublished: 25.02.2019
Price:8 000 $
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

Produced by the heat source, which works by blowing into the furnace of different combustible bulk waste: carbon powder, peat, wood chips, Tyrsa, chicken litter, and other waste moisture content of 45%. Heat is supplied a spark arrester, which absorbs 100% sparks and holds 70% of ash; the bunker the fuel dispenser; a sensor system to prevent fire and instant extinguishing control panel with frequency converters. Performance heat source from 500 to 1900 kW.

. The boiler is equipped with a drying-granulators complex, own production, consisting of: piston pump, conveyor, separator (dehydrates from 95% to 85%); the hopper screw feeder, press PB (dehydrates from 85 to 60%), drying installation in couple, electricity or solid fuel, drum, cyclone or rotary (drying from 60% to 10-8%), mill or crusher, pneumatic, steaming complex (hopper, mixer and grinder 1.5 t/h), separate, the crusher episkopoi, press betteravia, granulator, calibration and cooling equipment. Lines possible drying of peat, wood chips, tarsi, grains, sugar beet pulp, bards, pulp and other fodder and fuel raw materials. It is possible to manufacture the entire line equipment from stainless steel. Possible delivery from the representative of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.