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Tourmaline nozzle on shower age-old East

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2014
Seller:Slabushevskaya Yuliya Alekseevna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
People came tourmaline. This mineral will help humanity to solve many problems. SPA shower with tourmaline made of durable, heat-resistant plastic, which can be switched on 8 positions, which allows to change the number of holes and the water pressure.
In the tube is black tourmaline with an average power of infrared radiation, the tourmaline pink, which emits a powerful infrared rays and germanium. Pink tourmaline is very rare in nature and is extremely expensive to be appreciated. Tourmaline clears water from viruses and bacteria in the water. Germanium, which is also included in the composition of the granules, neutralizes chlorine and heavy metals that are harmful to the human body. After this filtering of the soul flows pure, living water. In addition, tourmaline emits negative ions, which have a positive effect on the skin. When the use of such water improves the circulation of blood, resulting in blood significantly increases the amount of oxygen increases immunity, normalizes metabolism, improves skin condition, it stops the loss of hair, stops appear dandruff, improves memory, activates the work of all organs and systems, reduces fatigue, improves the General condition and quality of life. The price of UAH 252 site Julia 0666675959, 0982588499, 0634738878