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Transparent slate - profile polycarbonate

Offer type: salePublished: 28.03.2014
Seller:Ivanov Andrej
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A new solution for covering arbors,awnings , canopies - profiled polycarbonate sheet Suntuf, Marlon CS Longlife or as it is still called the wave, wavy, fluted polycarbonate or transparent slate.High impact resistance - withstands shocks than hailstones the size of a chicken egg. Thanks to our own ribs sheet strength Suntuf , higher than that of the polycarbonate sheet, allowing equal to the estimated load to use less frequent crate. A wide range of operating temperatures from -50 to +120 (not breaks in the cold). Ease of installation (overlap ,as slate), and the lack of accessories (joints and trim is not needed) - makes this transparent universal trapezoidal sheet roofing material. Thanks to their light weight and ease of installation - it does not involve teams for installation,which will save you money!Wave width 76 mm,height - 16 mm .Size -1260 mm* 2240,(Suntuf) 1060*2240 mm(Marlon CS Longlife).