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This model dryer

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Zakirov Dmitrij Igor'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Zhukovskiy
ASKT (aerodynamic dryer combo type)
1. Drying and grinding of brewer's grains, husks, straw, green mass, sawdust, bark, leaves, pine branches, reeds...
2. Drying and manufacturing of powder of vegetables, tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms...
Worked drying technology to the level of the input moisture of 95%.
ASKT (aerodynamic dryer combo type) has THE passport.
Method (method) drying has a patent on the invention. The individual elements (blocks) of the dryer patented.
ASKT technology is based on the principles of the vortex tube Ranke + fluidization + system of counter-flows.
The composition of the dryer:
1. A conveyor for feeding raw material into the shredder
2. Shredder materials IPD modified.
3. The heat source is a source of hot air
4. The high-pressure fan (exhaust fan) blowing hot air
5. The main cylinder KS
6. This model dryer speakers (set of pipes, cylinder dosushki,
nozzle, braking system, cone-funnel)
7. Cyclone pin (2 PCs)
8. Pipe aspiration
9. Hammer crusher (2 PCs)
10. Cyclone
11. Libra
The efficiency of drying is provided by:
1. Optimally selected drying temperature.
2. The maximum area of interaction of the drying agent from the dried material.
3. The impact of external forces on the drying material.
4. Remove saturated water vapor of the air mass.
Production area
The production process requires a space for placement of equipment, storage of finished products and storage of stocks of raw materials. Ceiling height shall be not less than 6.7 meters.
The area directly to the main equipment is about 300-450 m2, height of 6.7 m Production facilities must be heated (not below +10 degrees. C). The schema of the production facilities and technological layout is agreed with the customer. Take into account the peculiarity of the building that houses the equipment.
Staff - 2-4 people depending on the type of installation.
The main difference from existing installations:
1. The lack of pre-grinding, pressing,...(this means
no loss of vitamins). Washed and prepared raw material in its pure form is fed into the plant.
2. The first application of the vortex method of drying. For the first time used
combined drying method: vortex, fluidization, method of separation and countercurrent flows.
3. Does not apply microwave, infrared radiation.
4. To minimize the residence time of product in the system, which leads to preservation of properties.
5. Minimum temperatures.
The main advantage of this technology is that the dehydration of vegetable raw material and grinding it into powder comes with a full preservation of the structure of cells is genetically complete cell life, which enables not only to fully preserve the bioenergy feedstock, all the vitamins, macro - and microelements, organic acids and other nutrients contained in raw materials, but in the dozens of times to increase the total energy charge of the product, as it gives a double positive effect on the human body. The great advantage of recycled so raw is that it does not lose its original properties, whereas persistent even in the most comfortable conditions of vegetables and fruits to the middle of winter is more than half lose their positive properties.
When this technology is possible only minor losses of nutrients.
Primary product: the product of natural humidity to 95% (without grinding, pressing, ...)