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Magnetometer (Telemar) UCB MT-1

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Designed for rapid non-destructive testing:
•magnetic fields when testing of ferromagnetic products magnetic particle method;
•radio interference;
•compliance with the technical characteristics of equipment for magnetic particle inspection of the passport data and the requirements of normative-technical documentation;
•the level of residual magnetization products after conducting magnetic particle inspection;
•magnetic induction of the various components, devices, products
Portable magnetometer (teslameter) UCB MT-1 is equipped with a Hall sensor for measuring the magnetic induction in the following units: Gauss,Tesla, Ampere/meter.
The device is used to measure DC fields.
Magnetometer (Telemar) consists of an electronic unit and a variety of removable sensors. The device operates on 2 standard alkaline batteries type AAA (1.5V).
Technical characteristics of the magnetometer (telomere) UCB MT-1
The range of measured values, Gauss (GS)+/- 100 or +/- 1000 or +/- 2500
Resolution readout on the digital display, GC,2 or of 2.0 or 5,0
The setting time, not content exceeding 1
Basic measurement error, GS±(0,002 N)
Overall dimensions, mm Hg
Operating temperature range, ° Honeycomb -5 to + 40
Power supply 2 batteries type AAA
The continuous operation time, hrs, menee
Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more kg,2
The use of magnetometers (takamaru) UCB MT-1 to detect unauthorized interventions in the work of the various devices of the control and accounting (for example, electricity meters)
More control counters and detection of unauthorized interference in its work, through the use of magnets to stop counters:
Magnetometers are used to measure magnetic field strength on the surface of the inspection object or at some specified distance from the test object, it is permissible residual level of magnetic field strength is set by the user of the device.
According to the results of our tests of the residual magnetic field after the installation of the magnets on the counter to discover possible, but it requires a special high-sensitivity element (sensor)
Many meters have plastic case (which of course is not magnetized), on which the magnet is installed. Are magnetized metal (ferromagnetic) parts in the meter case for the plastic casing. Considering the distance from the sensor to the magnetized parts, natural background magnetization of the counter before the installation of the magnet) and the results measured after installation of the magnet, you can define a threshold magnetic field strength, in excess of which you can judge about the installation on counter magnet.
Considering the variety of counters, and also used to stop the magnets may be advisable to conduct such tests on all major models of counters (measurement at the working counter to the magnetization, magnetization and stopping the counter, measurement of the residual magnetization on the counter after removing the magnet)
After the tests have the opportunity to make a modification of the magnetometer defined therein thresholds for the various counters ( with a choice of the type of meter in the menu of the device), which will greatly facilitate the control of the counters.
•electronic unit
•sensor type - by agreement with the buyer)
•2 rechargeable batteries with charger
•passport user manual