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Magnetic particle flaw detector UCB MTD-P

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Designed for non-destructive testing to detect surface and subsurface defects of various types of metal (ferrous) products and contructed. The device can detect defects types of cracks, voloviny, sinks, stratification, discontinuities, defects in welded joints and so on.
The device used for carrying out operational control in the shop, locomotive depot, depot, wagon factories, lokomotivoremontnij plants, and industrial enterprises.
The detector has been successfully used at the enterprises of railway transport and is used for quality control of parts and components when provedenii repairs of rolling stock railway transportation. The detector is often used to control the head part of the coupler SA-3, SA-SM and side frames and bogies.
At the metallurgical, machine-building and other industrial enterprises detector has been successfully used for quality control of products and contrucci.
The device is used according to GOST 21105 and GOST 26697
The detector may be equipped with various electromagnets on consumer choice.
The main types of electromagnets for flaw:
Type A. Electromagnetic clamp with adjustable in the range from 20 to 160 mm interpolar distance, force - 5 kg (18kg)
Type D. Electromagnetic clamp with adjustable in the range from 60 to 220 mm interpolar distance, force - 7 kg (18kg)
Type E. Electromagnetic ticks rolling (rolling contact) with the interpolar distance 110mm, force - 9 kg
Type O. the Round solenoid with internal work hole diameter of 150mm.
The detector uses a control method applied in the field using liquid suspensions and dry powders. The device has a mode demagnetization details after testing.
The magnetic particle inspection method is based on registration of indicator images generated by magnetic powder under the action of the applied magnetic field. The method is relatively simple, and interpretation of testing results is visually intuitive and easy to learn process.
The magnetic particle flaw detector may be additionally equipped with:
•magnetic suspension
•ground white
•standard models for magnetic particle testing
Standard delivery:
•magnetic particle flaw detector MPD-P
•electromagnetic clamp (type - approval)
•the power cord
•transport suitcase