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Flaw (permanent magnet magnetizing device) UCB MTD-DC

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Used in conditions when the power supply for control is impossible or forbidden normative documents.
Has a flexible magnetic core.
Magnetizing device UCB MTD-DC is designed to detect surface and subsurface cracks of all kinds, then, fusions, in the structures of ferromagnetic materials.
Flaw UCB MTD-DC can be used if you cannot use electromagnets when the power supply is difficult or limited by safety regulations (when working at heights, working in the field, quality control internal surfaces of tanks, boilers) at ambient temperature from minus 30 to plus 50 ° C and relative humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 35C.
The device is made in the form of two opposite-pole permanent magnets, placed in a cylindrical body, connected by a flexible magnetic core and is designed for monitoring in difficult places and corner welds.
The detector provides a high detection rate of surface and subsurface discontinuities, cracks of all kinds, wooloowin, poor penetration in accordance with GOST 21105-87.
The flaw detector is designed for inspection of parts and products of various shapes and sizes of magnetic particle method allows to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities: cracks of different origin, voloviny, flakey, poor penetration welded joints, tears, etc.
Dimensions - cylindrical flexible magnetic - HH mm
The magnetic field strength in the center of the air gap between the poles kA/m
The magnetic field strength in the air in the middle region between the working ends of the magnet is not less than 65 kA/m
The interpolar distance is 80 mm
Mass - not more than 1 kg
Possible kits supply
1. Magnetizing device separately
2. Magnetizing device, a kit of materials for performing magnetic particle inspection, magnifier, flashlight.
3. Magnetizing device, a kit of materials for performing magnetic particle kontrola, magnifier, flashlight, control sample for MPD.