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The locator (cabalistical) UCB TCI-1

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Designed for detection of underground utility installations, cable lines, pipelines, trace (definition of seat pads) of pipelines, cables and other communications at depths up to 10 meters. The locator (cabalistical) TCA-1 is a versatile device that allows the tracing process communications (cable lines, pipelines) to measure the depth of their strip, with display depth in real time on the screen locator (kabeleiskateli).
For the first time in the CIS, the locator is equipped with unique modes!
The locator (cabalistical) TCA-1 has a display mode of communication in relation to the operator. This mode allows to significantly simplify the process of locating and tracing of cable lines and pipelines. The operator of the locator does not work with the digital values of the signal, and the image communication device screen. This mode of display of the information was not previously used in the Pathfinder and kabeleiskateli produced in the CIS, therefore, to work with the classic domestic Pathfinder (cabalistically) is not very convenient and trodena. In modern foreign locators: this mode is the norm.
We were able to implement modern convenient mode display information about the traced communication in our new locator (cabalistical) UCB TCI-1. In order that the user could see on the screen locator real image being traced pipeline (cable line) in the receiver antenna involved four separate channels, and the obtained information is a complex process.
All of this allows the user to get the locator with unmatched convenience!
It's all just one of the advantages of the locator. Further, we will consider all the other advantages of the device, and a lot of them: color touch display, durable metal housing, modern, comfortable and reliable connectors Lemo, ergonomic and tight construction of the antenna line locator, vibrating alarm mode spectrum analysis of the signal, the digital display signal, the display mode of communication, several types of audible alarms, automatic and manual gain setting, line ion battery, write mode GPS and mapping pipeline, etc.
Digital display
Classic mode for Pathfinder and cabalistically. In the Central part of the screen shows the level accepted by the locator (cabalistical) signal. Buttons "+" and "-" are used for manual gain control, the current level is displayed under the digital value of the signal.
At the top of the screen locator buttons setup chastoty (in this example, 8926 Hz), set the audible alarm, and automatically setting the optimal gain level. Function selection press on the screen of the device.
At the bottom of the screen are the navigation buttons in the control mode settings locator (kabeleiskateli) button mode spectrum analysis of the signal and the area in the Central part of the screen that displays the service information (battery charge status, alarm overload indication GPS).
Graphic display mode
Unique mode of processing signals from the receiver line locator and processing allows you to visualize the route (line, cable line directly on the device display).
The upper and lower part of the display line locator (obeliskas) is identical to the usual digital mode.
In the Central part of the screen of the device is a circle is shown schematically field of vision locator (kabeleiskateli). In the centre of the screen schematically (top view) to show the operator, the blue dashed line shows the actual communication (piping, cable and so on). The forward image of the operator on the screen of the device corresponds to the forward direction of the operator. The angles of deflection of the communication on the display device, and offset to the left and right of the operator correspond to the real situation of communication, relative to the operator.
When searching for a communications operator must be moved and rotated in such a way as to combine the desired communication with the image of the communication on the display device.
Thus, search, communication becomes a simple operation to reach the pipeline, because diplay device operator gets the same picture, as if communication itself was visible to the operator.
The mode spectrum analysis signal
Designed for analysis of the spectrum received by the signal receiver. Can be used for a wide range of tasks, as in transpose and industrial tasks that require analysis of signals in the frequency range 0-10000 Hz.
Distinctive osobennosti are the choice of linear or logarithmic scale of frequency and signal level. This feature allows you to select any signals (for example, very little useful signal, the background noise with a large amplitude).
The choice of frequency band filter for receiving the selected band signal) is carried out directly on the screen of the device, thanks to the touch screen. In this example, the selected frequency band 4482-5482 Hz shown in the spectrum of grey and red.