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Sell technical purifier ZE-EK 100ml, 200ml, 400ml. We are looking for dealers in the regions!

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Mal'tsev Boris
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Address:Russian Federation, Perm Krai, Perm
New high-tech tool for cleaning various surfaces of the parts and mechanisms of various contaminants. Effectively cleanses the surface from traces of oils, bitumen, technical liquids, sludge, coke deposits, oil and other contaminants.
Cleans technical pollution;
Degreases the surface;
Cleans brake mechanisms;
Clears the clutch mechanisms;
Cleans carburetor;
Cleans parts of the fuel system;
Cleans circuit;
Cleans carbon deposits;
Cleans oil deposits;
Cleans electrical contacts.