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Sell penetrating lubricant FK-80(FC-80) 100ml, 200ml, 400ml. We are looking for dealers in the regions!

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2014
Seller:Mal'tsev Boris
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Address:Russian Federation, Perm Krai, Perm
New high-tech versatile tool that is designed to work with various parts and mechanisms. Dissolves rust and displaces moisture, penetrates into hard to reach areas. After application leaves a lasting lubricating corrosion-resistant coating.
Destroys rust on the screw connections and on metal surfaces;
Facilitates displacement of moisture
protects items from the "seizure" in the cold;
Used as lubrication of various mechanisms, fasteners, components, absorber rods, ropes, chains, sprockets, door and window hinges, lock cylinder and so on;
Increases the service life of metal, rubber and plastic parts, through the creation of a surface resistant preservative coatings and lubricant film;
Has anti-corrosive properties.