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Car mats for GM. on rubberized basis.

Offer type: salePublished: 25.03.2014
Seller:Alekseenko Viktor
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We offer you a wide range of textile autocoro (enlarged) on any kind of car for a low price. Mats for cars are manufactured strictly according to the pattern developed in this Studio and may differ from the original factory mats. We offer mats individually for any car model. They have a special trim-braid, which also comes in different colors, which helps to increase the service life of the mats, to keep good appearance of the rugs. On the back of the salon mats have anti-slip coating, on some models, a special mount.
You should pay special attention to the driver's Mat, which has an extra pad under the heel, which does not spoil the appearance and increase the service life of the Mat. The thrust bearing has a different shape and may be made of a different structure, quality materials.
Mats for car perfectly adjusted contour, providing a reliable protection of the body from moisture, and any auto-accessories that are not only functional, ergonomic, beautiful, but also not expensive in relation to any products, as a great deal reduce price.
In our Studio not required to order a full set of mats. You can order separately 2-front Mat, 2-rear Mat, separately pad on the beam between the rear seat, separate driver's Mat, passenger separately or in the trunk. If You are interested in our products, please contact with the contacts: phone 0977046114; 0993052302 e-mail:,