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Coating thickness gauge UCB TP-1

Offer type: salePublished: 25.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Designed for rapid non-destructive thickness testing:
•paint and other dielectric (mastic, andnoise, plastic, Teflon, radioparadise and so on) and galvanic coatings on steel;
•paint and other dielectric (mastic, andnoise, plastic, Teflon, radioparadise and so on) and galvanic coatings on non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous alloys;
•thickness of bitumen and other thick protective coatings on various metals and alloys;
as well as measuring temperature, humidity and dew point, estimating the depth of grooves and surface roughness
Advantages of thickness of coatings UCB TP-1
•wide range of measured thickness
•convenience and ease of measurement
•the minimum number of controls - one button - one function
•graphic display with backlight
•automatic sensor recognition
•indication of the type of connected sensor
•monitoring the status of the battery
Technical characteristics of the coating thickness gauge UCB TP-1
The range of measured thickness (depending on sensor type)0 ... 60 µm mm
Overall dimensions, mm Hg
Operating temperature range, ° C -5...+40 ° C
Power supply 2 batteries type AAA
The continuous operation time, hrs, 20
Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more kg,2
Technical characteristics of sensors for measurement of coating UCB TP-1
Coatings on steel (dielectric and conductive
coatings on ferromagnetic metals and alloys)
Type detectedin patriciapullicino ismeridiasafe sensor, mm
sensor f-0,30-300 µm±(3% + 1 μm)Ø5x40
sensor f-0,50-500 µm±(3% + 1 μm)Ø 7x14
sensor f-20 to 2000 μm±(3% + 2 μm)Ø 9x35
sensor f-50 to 5000 μm±(3% + 2 μm)Ø 18x35
Coatings on non-magnetic metals
(dielectric coatings on non-ferrous metals and alloys)
the sensor NF-0.50 to 500 μm±(3% + 2 μm)Ø 12x35
sensor u-20-2000 µm±(3% + 2 μm)Ø 12x35
Thick coatings on metals (dielectric coatings on metals)
sensor M-120-12 mm±(3% + 0,002 mm)Ø 15x50
sensor M-301 30 mm±(3% + 0,003 mm)Ø 40x50
sensor M-601-60 mm±(3% + 0.005 mm)Ø 70x60
Measurement of roughness, Rz
(after sand blasting before painting works)
the sensor DS-360 µm±(3% + 2 μm)Ø 12x45
Measurement of temperature, humidity and dew point
the sensor DT-50...+125 C+/- 1 WithØ 15x45
sensor Turblance: 0 - 100%
temperature:-50... + 125°C
dew point: -15 - +40°C± 5%
± 1°C
± 2°CØ 15x120
Standard delivery thickness gauge coating UCB TP-1
•electronic coating thickness gauge
•one sensor (optional)
•set measures the thickness of coatings
•reference base
•2 rechargeable batteries (AAA)
Additional options to order
•additional sensors to the thickness of the coating (depending on the control requirements)
•set measures the thickness of coatings
•reference base