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Viscometer UCB VZ-246

Offer type: salePublished: 25.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Viscometer VZ-246 is designed for rapid determination of viscosity (timeout) paint materials or related products - Newtonian or approaching liquids in accordance with standard GOST 9070-75.
The viscometer is produced according to GOST 9070-75.
Viscometer produced in two models: on the tripod and submersible type.
The viscometer is a tank having the form of a funnel with three interchangeable nozzles.
The principle of operation of the viscometer is based on determining the time of expiration of a certain volume of the liquid to be tested through the nozzle orifice.
Viscosity is one of the fundamental indicators of consumables. When working with paints and liquid inks (flexographic) for viscosity measurements are used as a funnel. The viscosity is determined in seconds (the time during which the liquid runs out of the filled funnel).
To determine the viscosity of paints and related characteristics of products used devices Viscometers in the form of funnels special design.
Craters there are several standards. Ukrainian (Russian )funnel Viscometer VZ-246 according to GOST 9070-75. Similar products: DIN 4 DIN 53211-87) and UNE ISO 2431 DIN. For American products is relevant standards: funnel FORD (ASTM D 120087) and ZHAN (ASTM D 4212-93).
Viscometer VZ-246 on an adjustable tripod preferable to apply in the laboratory. Viscometer VZ-246 P (submersible type) should be used in production (shop) conditions.
1) tank capacity, cm3 (ml) 100±1;
2) the range of the expiration time, in seconds, the 12 - 300;
3) the nozzle diameter, d, mm, 2; 4; 6;
4) the height of the nozzle, h, mm, 4;
5) the time range of fluid outflow, with:
for nozzles with a diameter of 2 mm: 70 - 300;
for nozzles with a diameter of 4 mm: 12 - 200;
for nozzles with 6 mm diameter: 20 - 200;
6)the Limit values of basic relative error of measurement of time of expiry of the calibration liquid (industrial oil with a nominal value of the kinetic viscosity of from 200 to 500 mm/s) ±3 arithmetic mean value of the expiration time
7) overall dimensions (without a tripod):
diameter, mm, not more than 95;
- height, mm, not more than 75;
8) weight, kg, and 0.2
Package contents:
Tank, three rechargeable nozzle diameters of 2, 4, 6 mm, tripod, passport with the stamp of the initial calibration.