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Ultrasonic UCB-1

Offer type: salePublished: 25.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Designed for rapid non-destructive thickness testing:
•products made of different metals, alloys and other materials with one-sided access during operation or manufacture;
•thickness of glass, plastic, composite and other products from non-metallic materials;
•thickness of walls of tanks, pipes, body parts, sheets, bridge, transportation, and other structures, including corroded surfaces, corroded, water heater, etc.
•the thickness of the products during their production and operation;
•metal thickness for diagnostic and expertise
when one side of the gage to the test object
Ultrasonic. Main advantages:
•Wide range of measured thickness;
•Ability to set the speed of ultrasound in the controlled objects;
•Automatic selection and display of the used sensors;
•Display of acoustic contacts on the graphical indicator.
Ultrasonic casinomar. Controlled materials and objects:
•Production of various alloys and metals;
•Production of non-metallic materials - composite, glass, plastic;
•Body parts, sheets, walls of blood vessels;
•Transport and bridge structures, including corrosion defects (scale, rust).
Portable gauges operate on the principle of measurement of time intervals of propagation of ultrasonic waves in the test object.
Features of ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-1
•ease of use and convenience in the adjustment of the thickness gauge
•thickness gauge displays the presence of acoustic coupling on the graphical indicator
•fixing the thickness of the last measurement result in the removal of the transducer from the surface
•thickness gauge lightweight, easy to work
•thickness gauge has intuitive controls
Ultrasonic method of measuring thickness
Thickness gauge UT-1 operates on the principle of measuring the time of propagation of ultrasound in the product. The thickness gauge has a pulse generator, which generates a high-frequency electric pulses which excite the piezoelectric transducer (PET). This transducer converts the electrical signals into elastic (mechanical) vibrations of ultrasonic waves. These waves propagate from the input surface to the reflecting (bottom) surface and the newly accepted and converted into an electrical signal using a transducer thickness. The unit calculates the thickness.
Technical characteristics of the ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-1
The range of measured thickness (depending on sensor type), mm,8 ... 300
Setting range speed of sound, m/s-9999
Resolution readout on the digital display, mm,1
The setting time, not content exceeding 1
Basic measurement error, mm±(0,001 T+0,1)
Overall dimensions, mm Hg
Operating temperature range, ° Honeycomb -5 to + 40
Power supply 2 batteries type AAA
The continuous operation time, hrs, menee
Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more kg,2
Supplied with ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-1
•electronic unit of thickness transducers (number and type of negotiation with the buyer, depending on the desired range of controlled thickness),
•2 battery charger,
•passport, user guide,
•packing containers.