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Universal portable hardness tester UCB T-UD3

Offer type: salePublished: 24.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
UCB T-UD3 is the world's first Durometer with images of the test object and the further binding toughness values indicating the place on the product.
The main advantage of this hardness tester is 88 combinations of materials and scales of hardness, the ability of the user to configure additional scale and materials. Durometer UCB T-UD3 has a great contrast full-color display. Has the following main modes: display of hardness values in the histogram, graph, table, display the mean, variance, and much more.
Unlike many of those that come with advanced settings for only one metal, hardness UCB T-UD3 comes configured to measure a broad range of materials - steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, cast iron.
Universal portable hardness tester UCB T-UD3 is configured to work with two types of sensors dynamic method (Liba) and ultrasonic (contact-resonance). This feature makes Durometer most versatile option when choosing a portable hardness tester, both the indirect method of measuring the hardness have their advantages, and they all gathered in one hardness tester. Dynamic sensor is designed to measure the hardness of materials with a coarse-grained structure, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, solid products. The ultrasonic sensor is designed to solve other problems in the measurement of hardness, and it is used for measuring the hardness of small products (parts) of control objects with thin wall or complex shape, surface hardened layers.
Case hardness tester sealed with protective rubber bumper. Universal portable hardness tester UCB T-UD3 is applicable in conditions of high humidity. The sheltered housing Durometer it can also be used in field and factory conditions. Increased temperature range gives you the opportunity to work with a Durometer in any climatic conditions.
Universal portable hardness tester UCB T-UD3 is designed for rapid non-destructive testing of hardness:
•metals and alloys on the scale of hardness of Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Liba, Shor
•metals different from carbon and structural steels (for example, cast iron, nonferrous metals, alloys, and so on). The hardness tester can be calibrated one sample of known hardness, two samples from the same material, with the high and low hardness value, the measurement range. The most accurate method of calibration is the calibration of the three samples (3-point) identical material. C-point calibration provides the ability to adjust the hardness tester for measuring hardness of almost any material. When selling hardness tester with dynamic sensor device configured to measure the hardness of steels, structural steels, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and so on
•tensile strength (Rm) in accordance with GOST 22791-77 to determine the ultimate tensile strength of products made of carbon steel pearlitic class by automatic recalculation on the scale of hardness Brinell (HB);
Specifications portable hardness tester UCB T-UD3
The test load 1 kg (10H) and/or 5kg (50N)
The range of hardness measurement
Rockwell, HRC 20 - 70
Brinell HB 90 - 450
Vickers, HV 90 - 940
temporary resistance (tensile strength, MPa 370 - 1740
Basic measurement error of ±3%HV; ±1.5 HRC; ±3%HB
The indenter 136° Diamond indenter Vickers
The direction of measurement In any direction 360°
Saving measurements is Limited only by memory card capacity
PC link Unloading of stored measurements to a PC, export table to Excel (USB cable & software included in the delivery package)
Scale hardness HV (Vickers), HB (Brinell), HRC (Rockwell C), HRB (Rockwell b), Leeb
Materials the ultrasonic Sensor is pre-calibrated for steel
The dynamic sensor is pre-calibrated for steel, tool die steel, cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper.
Additional custom materials for calibration
The information displayed Indicator of load application, the result of a single measurement, the average value of a series of measurements, number of measurements in the series, the dispersion of the values in the series, the schedule of measurements in the series, the histogram of the measurements in the series, the display mode of the statistical information, the mode intellectually measurement.
Displays the selected hardness scale, current material, battery status, time.
Display Contrast color LCD/TFT display.
Conditions operating Temperature:-20℃~40℃; Humidity: 30%~80%
Overall dimensions, mm Hg
Power 3 battery type AA
The continuous operation time, hrs, 20
Advantages of Durometer UCB T-UD3
•88 combinations of materials and hardness scales
•Photographic images of the object of control, with reference hardness values to the snapshot
•Hardness measurement with virtually no restrictions on size and weight
•Measurement of hardness of surface of hardened layers
•Small footprint, leave the sensor on the surface of the inspection object
•Wide range of hardness measurement
•2 removable sensor: ultrasonic, dynamic
•Automatic recognition of the connected sensor
•Sensors with built-in memory to save settings and calibrations
•The presence of internal memory and a communication channel with PC
•Bright color LCD display/TFT
•Convenience and ease of measurement
•Extended temperature range (-20 to +40℃)
•Connectivity, mini printer, quick and instant printing of the results of testing the hardness
•Protective rubber bumpers electronic unit Durometer
Standard delivery
•the electronic hardness tester
•ultrasonic and/or dynamic sensor
•special support attachment for flat and curved surfaces
•2 rechargeable batteries with charger
•instruction manual
•software for PC
•transport case