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The universal hardness tester (combined) UCB T-UD1

Offer type: salePublished: 24.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Designed for rapid non-destructive testing of hardness:
•metals and alloys on standardized in the CIS hardness scales: Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV);
•metals with different properties from steel (for example, non-ferrous metals, alloys, cast iron and other) with five additional scales for calibration;
•using a scale of tensile strength (Rm) in accordance with GOST 22791-77 to determine the ultimate tensile strength of products made of carbon steel pearlitic class by automatic recalculation on the scale of hardness Brinell (HB);
Implements methods rebound and ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI). The combination of both methods allows control of all metal products.
The advantages of universal combined hardness tester UCB T-UD1
•2 removable sensor: ultrasonic and dynamic in standard delivery of the hardness tester
•no restrictions when testing hardness (mass, configuration, structure, degree of mechanical and thermal treatment, and others)
•Durometer measures the change in the hardness of the hardened layer depth of the product and the effect of surface stress
•wide range of hardness measurement
•convenience and ease of measurement
•the minimum number of controls Durometer
•graphic display with backlight
•automatic recognition of sensors Durometer
•indication of the type of connected sensor
•monitoring the status of the battery
Portable combined hardness tester T-UD1 allows you to measure the hardness of metals and alloys in all conditions. The hardness tester has a small size and weight that pozvolit to use Durometer in difficult conditions and in remote places. The portable hardness tester combined T-UD1 perfect solution for replacement of fixed Durometer - accurately measuring the same, and portable hardness tester cheaper and more convenient. The hardness tester also allows you to measure the hardness of other materials, for example, to measure the hardness of cast iron, non-ferrous metals. Durometer with ultrasonic sensor enables you to measure the hardness of a thin and small parts.
Hardness combined T-UD1 - base model combined hardness tester. If you need the Durometer memory, PC link, you will notice the hardness combined UCB T-UD2.
Modification of the universal hardness tester UCB T
The hardness tester universal UCB T-U1 - ultrasonic hardness tester.
The hardness tester universal UCB T-D1 - dynamic hardness tester.
The hardness tester universal UCB T-UD1 - combined (ultrasonic and dynamic) Durometer.
Modification of the ultrasonic hardness tester T-U1 and hardness dynamic T-1 can be upgraded to a modification of hardness combined T-UD1 by purchasing an activation code and an additional sensor for measuring the hardness of the missing method.
Technical characteristics of the combined hardness tester UCB T-UD1
The range of hardness measurement
Rockwell, HRC 20 - 70
Brinell HB 90 - 450
Vickers, HV 230 - 940
temporary resistance (tensile strength, MPa 370 - 1740
The basic error of measurement of the hardness tester:+/- 2 HRC units;
+/- Ed. HB
Overall dimensions of the hardness tester, mm Hg
Operating temperature range, Hundreds of -5 to + 40
Power supply 2 batteries type AAA
The continuous operation time, hrs, 20
Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more kg,2
Supplied with a combined hardness tester UCB T-UD1
•the electronic hardness tester
•sensor ultrasonic hardness tester N1
•sensor dynamic hardness tester 1
•2 rechargeable batteries with charger
•passport user manual