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Stationary on Micro hardness tester Vickers UCB TC-MAC

Offer type: salePublished: 24.03.2014
Seller:Lazarenko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Novomoskovsk
Stationary digital Durometer for Micro Vickers UCB TC-MAC is designed to measure the micro hardness Vickers. The hardness tester is equipped with a large contrast display, easy and simple in setup and operation.
Hardness in micro Vickers used when you need to measure the hardness of the surface hardened layer, the hardness of the applied coating, for measuring the hardness of thin and small samples and products when the use of other classical hardness testers impossible.
Through the use of modern element base unit is one of the most compact in the class of stationary hardness testers.
The hardness tester has a built-in microscope to measure the diagonals of the resulting prints, automatically calculates the values of hardness on the Vickers scale and displays the measured value on the display device. Hardness does not require the use of additional bridging tables.
The hardness tester lets you automatically convert the resulting value into other hardness scale.
Technical characteristics of the hardness tester
Test нагрузка10gf (0.098 N), 25gf (0.245 N), 50gf (0.49 N), 100gf (0.98 N),
200gf (1.96 N), 300gf (2.94 N), 500gf (4.9 N), 1000gf (9.8 N)
Increase microscope (for monitoring)
400X (for measuring)
Conclusion donahuemary printer
Time izmereniya ~ 60 seconds, in increments of 5 sec
Overall razmer× 290 × 480 mm (L × W ×)
Weight netto kg
Maximum height mm obrazca
The maximum depth obrazcam
Block pitaniya ± 5%, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Standard connecticutorder, Vickers indenter, the microscope, the object table, the standard measure of hardness, passport.
Hardness in micro Vickers hardness can be used in workshop and laboratory conditions.
The device allows to increase the efficiency of the use of portable taromaru, in particular ultrasonic devices. As is well known, ultrasonic hardness tester also allows for the measurement of hardness of surface of hardened layers, but using the indirect method of measurement. There is fixed on micro hardness tester Vickers allows to solve the problem.
The sequence may be as follows:
1. For 100% fast and operational control uses ultrasonic hardness tester, for example, UCB T-U2
2. To verify the operation and configuration (prototype hardness) is used stationary on micro hardness Vickers hardness, the hardness tester allows selective control expert
3. Made measures of hardness are used to configure and verify the accuracy of ultrasonic hardness tester.