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Seedlings of Apple,pear,apricot excellent quality, from the manufacturer!

Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2014
Seller:Yuzhaninov Viktor Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Karlivka
Seedlings of Apple,pear,apricot,with an excellent root system, without sores, excellent quality,from the manufacturer!
The nursery is located in the Poltava region, Karlovo district, S. Wolf Beam.
Pome-30 UAH. pieces When ordering less than 150 USD. the payment for the package 10 UAH.
Apple stock 54118,MM-106 medium) :
The amulet,Arlette, Eliza,kids orange Red,Mutsu,Red chief,Scythian gold,Honey crisp,Askold,Braeburn,Count Azzo Jubilee Delbare,Elista Delist,Excel,Legal,
Ruby Czech,Ataco,Royal Gala, and also available as
Pear (rootstock quince IP 2-10,quince Sido) :
Amphora,The Ber Krasnokutskaya,Kucherenko,The Caucasus,Tembo.
Colocasiae-35 UAH. pieces When ordering less than 150 USD. the payment for the package 10 UAH.
Apricot (the stock genelia):
Masterpiece, The Collective Farm.
Preparing for implementation in fall 2014, additionally, the following varieties:
Cherry - "Meeting".
Cherry -"Dzherelo", "Yellow early", "Vasilisa", "Monna Lisa".
Apricot: "Jumbo Cat", "Selah", "Cegledi Bieber", "Goldrich".
Peach: "Belmondo", "Fleming fury", "Warden", "Harbinger", "Tward cardiv-4", "Tward Tardif-5".
Nectarine: "Nectared 306", "Victoria", "Fantasy", "Garland", "Magali".
Plum: "Globe".
Plum: "Yellow Alaska" , "Kyrgyz Excellent" , "Top Hit".
Apple: "Cameo", "Kadal", "Enterprise", "Chariot", "Rouge Rose".
Excellent quality plants, and a good root system, I guarantee! Work nagannym payment and prepaid Bank card Private Bank: 5168 7572 3394 9967 Yuzhaninov Viktor Nikolaevich.
Shipping New Mail all over Ukraine!
For residents of Kharkiv,there is a possibility to transfer the seedlings bus to the bus terminal on the other of Gagarin.
Send seedlings is carried out until may 2014.