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We accept orders for musk ducks

Offer type: salePublished: 21.03.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Vyshhorod
We accept orders for musk ducks.
Taste is ideal dietary lean red meat with fat 24-26%, in contrast to the Peking duck, where it can be up to 34-36%. The output on the muscle mass as well superior to any other duck. Thus, according to I. A. Mymrin and German literature, Peking duck meat contains 41% of muscle tissue, and musky 54%. The mass of the most edible parts (pectoral muscles) from musk of male reaches 700-800 g, while the drakes Beijing ducks - only 350, females, this difference is smaller: 350-400 g u musky and 320 g - Peking duck. Besides meat musk ducks and has a great taste, reminiscent of the game. Has no specific taste, typical for waterfowl. Especially popular these ducks in France, where they have replaced a large part of traditional breeds of ducks. Eggs - edible, large, dense protein and large yolk (popular in bakeries), are some of the most delicious among duck.
Musk duck can interbreed with normal domestic ducks. The resulting offspring (hybrids) called moerdani and they are absolutely barren (from crossing male musk ducks with females Beijing and its sister species) Hybrids quite early, with meat fat content of about 30%, weigh up to 4 kg to slaughter date. Regardless of the color of the parents, even if they are white, the color of mulard, usually dark. In Europe Molotov mainly used for forced feeding on delicious fatty liver or foie Gras.
__ Weight musk ducks. Weight of adult male individuals (domestic and foreign standards) - 5-6 kg - drakes, 2,5-3 kg - ducks in private households with a special mode of feeding and housing adult male can reach 7-8 kg, 3-3 female,6 kg Egg - 90-120 eggs, egg weight standards from 75 gr