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Sell Automatic punching machine YAWA series MW and TYM

Offer type: salePublished: 16.06.2017
Sell Automatic punching machine YAWA series MW and TYM
YAWA this die-cutting equipment with the highest performance. The speed comes up to 7 thousand cycles/hour and more. Media YAWA series is used for cutting/cutting, contain in their structure a separate section to perform hot stamping. Also for creasing and embossment of articles of paper, cardboard or plastic in large print runs. The main modules of the machines are automatic feeder for feeding blanks, feedboard in two directions, section cutting and chain conveyor for moving the sheet in the area of cutting and printing it from there to the receiving ship. Some models have an additional section for the removal of the cut inner parts of the product.
Cascade dvukhstepennuyu the feeder separates the leaves from the foot and feeding into the machine.
The machine is equipped with a sliding mechanism to change the stamp frames. Turning the table allows to perform all operations for the installation and positioning of the stamp in a comfortable operator position.
Microprocessor control and full electronic control over the passage of sheets through the machine, and automatic self-check node output messages on the display provide maximum convenience to the operator. A standard system of continuous unloading of finished products and dvukhstepennuyu the feeder loading paper during the working process allows to increase the already high performance machines YAWA. Optional automatic insertion bookmark in the receiving stop allows you to quickly share finished products in equal shares.
Modern mechanism of fin removal grid contains the table on which the sheets are positioned on the side and front stops.
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