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The machining of workpieces on the drawings,fabrication details.

Offer type: salePublished: 08.04.2019
Seller:Harlamov Aleksandr Nikolaevich
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Address:Oryol, Russian Federation, Orlovskaya Oblast'
OOO Promtechkomplect (,eagle street Moscow,69) high-quality machining of the parts and pieces of steel, forgings and castings.
The manufacture of parts according to customer drawings.
In mehanoobrabatyvajushchego production used all types of cutting equipment:
- body rotation to f 1000 x 5000;
planar, width up to 2000 mm length to 5000 mm height up to 1100 mm;
- boring and turning to f 2500, height 1600 mm;
- gear (including gear) to M20; f;
- circular to f 560 x 4000 mm;
- surface grinding up to f 630 x 2000 mm;
- vnutrikletochnye;
The thread rolling machines for rolling metric threads to M27 length 325,0;
Our capabilities enable us to produce high quality:
- planing operation;
- turning-and-boring operation;
- waterjet;
- milling operation;
Work with various kinds of forgings and billet casting.
phone 8-(910)748-16-03,
phone 8-(4862)48-16-03