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Would legalize the unauthorized construction.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 18.03.2014
Seller:Buzanov Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Makiyivka
Already finished building and not know where to start to legalize papers? Probably thought that the issue of ownership is in your power, but learned that has changed the legislation in the sphere of construction and it was a surprise for You?
There is a way out of any situation, our company knows at least two out of the situation, which turned out to be You. We will gladly review Your documents if they are available, or will start their manufacture, the ultimate goal of our collaboration will be the registration of ownership of Your property.
As mentioned Above there are at least two ways of solving the issue of unauthorized construction. Tell a little about each, to give You an idea of what will be faced if the issue after reading this article, You decide for yourself.
Now the first and most common way this litigation, i.e., a dispute between You as the customer unauthorized construction and territorial community of the city for the right property on Your object. Usually the result of a positive decision in court depends on the persuasiveness of the claim and correct his motivations, it is necessary to prove that all building codes are met and the rights of third parties in no way violated.
To tell you the truth without the help of a lawyer, You most likely can not cope, so don't take a chance, probably this is the only opportunity to obtain ownership of the unauthorized construction and in case of refusal by the court to satisfy Your claim, you must file an appeal, which is highly undesirable, because if the decision is not in Your favor - the suit was not motivated enough to fix something is not easy. NOT worth the risk and immediately contact our company.
The second method is possible when the right of ownership to the land plot on which You built the facility without permits and/or project. In this case, you will have to contact the State Inspectorate of architecture and construction control and file a Declaration of readiness of the object for use . For making this Declaration will need technical documents for production, which require special certificates, in addition to the documents does not guarantee a speedy execution of documents by the state authority, as in the preparation of the Declaration is necessary to have special knowledge to avoid mistakes.