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Conduct remote training on effective inventory management.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 18.03.2014
Seller:Styigar' Andrej
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This course focuses on the issues of effective inventory management and optimization.
Training course on Effective inventory management consists of video tutorials, practical assignments, which are "live" statistics companies, and online testing of knowledge acquired. Practical assignments are checked by the course Director when performing each job curator gives comments and give points for the job. All errors when performing practical tasks are being developed in conjunction with the course instructor to complete assimilation of the material.
Distance course on inventory management is divided into two modules:
the first module contains General information about inventories, their kinds, the reasons for the creation of reserves,
the second module contains methods for optimization of inventory: ABC analysis, frequency analysis, sales, XYZ-analysis, the definition of illiquid stocks (napredovanie position and excess reserves), and also gives recommendations on current analysis of stocks on the basis of which you can decide on further restructuring of stocks of the company.
At the end of the course Effective inventory management You will:
•be able to explain, what is inventory, and what are their types,
•know what causes inefficient inventory management,
•perform ABC analysis, XYZ analysis and frequency analysis of sales,
•be able to determine napredovanie position and inflated inventory, know the methods of their implementation,
•know how to build up an extensive report on the current status of stocks,
•to calculate the safety stock level,
•to understand the relationship of sales and unmet demand from a lack of goods in the warehouse,
•be able to determine the quality of the inventory.
With a detailed program of distance education course on the topic of Effective inventory management can be found on our website
What are the advantages of distance learning?
1. The student chooses the pace of learning that suits him.
2. There are no restrictions on access to the course, as long as you had Internet.
3. Available formats for learning: the form of tutorials, test, knowledge, tasks in the working files on the live examples of actual companies and much more.
4. Discussion with the author of the course during training: chat module, skype, mobile phone, personal meeting.
5. The opportunity to return to the course materials over time and to remember certain moments.
6. Cost of training - there are no expenses for travel, accommodation... Education without leaving their jobs.
7. The use of the software MOODLE, which is used by most universities in 215 countries around the world.
Upon completion of training You will receive the appropriate certificate.
The cost of the full course - from 150 to 250.E. The duration from 2 to 6 months.
Order distance learning can also call us by phone +38(097)199-11-59 either by sending an email request to
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