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"Molodosti" encourages soldiers to vote for the abolition of the certificate of the participant

Offer type: servicesPublished: 16.03.2014
Interregional public organization for assistance in improving the quality and availability of housing "UNIS" took the initiative to revoke the certificate of a participant in the savings and mortgage system (NIS) for the military. What caused the Association to come up with such a proposal and how it may affect the implementation of the rights of servicemen of the Russian Federation to buy an apartment/house, says the head of Malacostraca" Ilya Borisov.
- Now, before you purchase a house for the military mortgage program, each soldier is required to obtain the certificate of the participant of the cumulative mortgage system. But the procedure is long. Sometimes, it takes two, four, six, or more months!
If she would only distract the officer from official duties, would not be so bad. But such a long design document and adversely affects the realization of the right soldier at their own homes!
The real estate market never stops, waiting. Apartment/house which was selected by the participant NIS and wants to buy on credit, for these months:
a) go to another host;
b) grow significantly in price (as practice shows, from the time of treatment soldier for the certificate prior to its receipt at the hands of the increase is 250 or more thousand rubles).
Advantageously, this soldier? Definitely not! And the state? Also there. Because in the process of registration and issuance of certificates involved not one or two, but much more Federal government employees.
Who needs this document? Only financial institutions to start the procedure of target housing loans and issue credit.
However, this can be done easier by presenting the soldiers of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. And to clarify information on participation in the savings and mortgage system, the Bank can always, making a request directly to FGKU "Roboanimate".
We turn now to all military personnel: support the initiative to cancel the certificate. This you will save your time, nerves and money, faster and easier to complete the purchase of their own homes. Voting is carried out on a web page