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That gives soldiers the Russian Federation agreement "Malacostraca" and FGKU "Roboanimate"?

Offer type: servicesPublished: 15.03.2014
Seller:Borisovskij Il'ya
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Address:Russian Federation
on 19 February between Interregional public organization for assistance in improving the quality and availability of housing "UNIS" ("Molodosti") and FGKU "the Federal savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel (Roboanimate") signed an agreement on cooperation. His task is to make the program "Military mortgage" is more effective. What is to be expressed, we asked the Chairman of the Association "Molodosti" Ilya Borisov.
- This agreement covers several areas of activity.
•First, in the performance of this contract servicemen will receive more information about the state of the housing market, banking proposals. Thus, you will be able to make the most advantageous decision for yourself.
•Secondly, we intend to increase the legal literacy of military personnel in regard to the implementation of the program. "Savvy" in this matter, they will be able to monitor the accuracy of the transaction, paperwork, etc.
•Third, mechanisms of public control over partners "Military mortgage", on the construction of objects. This control will be carried by soldiers themselves.
•Fourth, if those who wished to participate in the program will have any difficulty with buying a home, we will help to protect their interests.
And, of course, the agreement will be conducted extensive outreach, " says Ilya Borisov. For several years the public Association "Molodosti" participants have accumulated vast experience in the purchase of housing in "Military mortgage". We have something to share.
All this will allow military personnel wishing to buy an apartment or house, quickly and easily navigate the realities of today's real estate market, choose the best option purchases, to save and protect their financial savings.
For nine years the Russian Federation has reported more than 280 000 military personnel who participate in the savings and mortgage system (abbreviated as NIS) for housing, often referred to as simply a military mortgage. More than 75,000 of them have already taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the programme, and purchased dwellings on favorable terms.
If you are a member of the NIS and if you have any questions regarding the exercise of their right to buy a house/apartment, ask them on the phone +7 (929) 965-75-00 or (495) 565-32-38, on the forum, as well as during the online consultation on the website