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River Frozen and chilled fish wholesale

Offer type: salePublished: 14.03.2014
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Address:Russian Federation, Astrakhanskaya Oblast', Astrakhan
Company southern town is accepting applications for the spring Putin 2014.
C March on sale:
Frozen and chilled fish:
Catfish (up to 1kg), (1-3kg), (3-6kg), (6-9kg), (9+kg) from R.
Pike need to change. (up to 1kg), (1-3kg), (3+kg) from 50p.
ASP large (800g+), ASP medium-small(up to 800gr.) from 40 rubles
Carp (3kg), (1-3kg) from 45 rubles
The largest carp. (from gr.), AVG. (300-gr.), (up to 300gr.) from RB.
Bream large (OTS), medium (22-32cm) from RB.
Lin average from RB.
Perch average from RB.
Silver bream (taraska) from 20 rubles
Roach medium-large, small from RB.
Live fish (Catfish, Carp, Pike, Carp).
Frozen fillet
The carcass is frozen
Fish river without a head
The volumes. Quality guaranteed by the manufacturer. Without intermediaries.
Rates for spring known call!