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Sale of recyclable polypropylene.Podolsk

Offer type: salePublished: 14.03.2014
Seller:Batashov Evgenij
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Buy granular polypropylene secondary 01030, always in the presence of secondary PM 21030 all colors. Produced secondary granulate PP black, shredded rechargeable PP (high impact 02060, frost-resistant polypropylene 8332M). Produced secondary transparent polypropylene, recycled polypropylene 21030 transparent. sell secondary granulated polypropylene 02060, recycled polypropylene granules 01060, recycled polypropylene granules 01030, recycled polypropylene granules 21030 is made from scrap products, polypropylene waste, molded, manufacturing defects from polypropylene. Secondary polypropylene granules uses injection molding of polypropylene for injection moulding machines. Granules PP secondary prelude for the extrusion of pipes, profiles, LTL, threads, fibers, wood polymer compositon (KDP). Secondary polypropylene has no odors and impurities, has a stable TPP and Packed in PP containers. Secondary polypropylene 01030, 02030, 02060 granulated imported oborudovanie. second PP paavana in bags of 25 kg of Produced secondary PP black granules, recycled polypropylene green, recycled polypropylene red, secondary polypropylene blue, secondary PP polypropylene grey, recycled granules polypropylene color: white, secondary polypropylene natural, uncolored transparent secondary polypropylene PP.