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Sell Calibrator KISS-03

Offer type: salePublished: 13.03.2014
Seller:Vigovskij Igor'
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Address:Russian Federation
Short description
Main modes of operation:
measurement and generation simultaneously.
The main functions of the device:
measurement of DC current or voltage;
measurement of resistance;
temperature measurement using thermocouples chamber(S), TPR (C), THA (K), TXK(L), TBP(A-l), THH (N), TFA (J) with temperature compensation of the cold junction;
temperature measurement using RTDs RTD (50P, 100P, Pt100), TCM (50M, 100M), connected in 4-wire circuit;
generating a constant current or voltage;
generation emf. thermocouples CCI, TPD, THA, TCA, TBP(A-l), THH(N), TFA (J) with the possibility of compensation emf. cold junctions;
generation and measurement of direct current and/or voltage at the same time, setting a single value of the generated parameter;
temperature measurement supplied by the sensor TSP in the range from -10 to +100°C, accuracy + 0,5°C.
Additional features:
mode <Calibration KISS-03>
temperature measurement using an internal resistance thermometer (Pt100) in the range+5...+45-
service mode <value table TS> - when setting
temperature ºWith the indicator can display the values
resistance TSP (50P, 100P, Pt100) or TCM according to GOST 6651-2009
Calibration interval 1 year.