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Coffee machine Saeco 200

Offer type: salePublished: 11.03.2014
Seller:Verba Sergej
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Used in excellent condition" SG 200 can cook up to 8 different hot drinks high quality of freshly ground coffee beans, chocolates, instant teas and milk. This model provides an automatic feed cups, sugar and razmeshyvala.
Dosage products programmable by the customer. Kofeavtomaty in a base complete set works without Sistemi payment. Connection and programming module plastic card payment, monitoring of possible filter breakages, coin mechanism, bill acceptor for the Ukrainian national currency as well as the module of surrender.
Saeco SG 200 independently razmarivaet grain fills espresso-exact dose of ground coffee and stamps with the correct force. Professional powerful pump generates a pressure of 15 bar. After that atmananda portion of water with a temperature of 92 degrees under pressure 9 bar passes through the coffee tablet, and You get a portion of the wonderful espresso made without Your participation.
Convenience control gives You the ability to widely vary the taste of coffee for You and Your customers. Saeco SG has three mixer, one of which works with milk, and one with chocolate, and the third with tea or broth to choose from."