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Coffee machine Necta Astro ES 7 (without payment systems)

Offer type: salePublished: 11.03.2014
Seller:Verba Sergej
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Used in excellent condition Coffee machine Necta Astro ES 7 makes coffee from natural grains, as well as various combinations of coffee, chocolate and cream. The machine will prepare the drink, pour it into Your Cup. It is an ideal solution for small and large hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, and offices. Center engineers recommend these machines to start their business. In the coffee machine Necta Astro (Necta Astro) ES 7 you can install up to 7 containers for ingredients with different volume, which allows the most effective combination of the proportions of the ingredients.
- 18 easy to press buttons to select the drink plus button to regulate the amount of sugar and drink strengths
Panels with the names of the drinks are highlighted
- Alphanumeric LCD screen
- Gradually elongated strip on the screen and a beep indicate the process of brewing and extradition
Control system:
* Electronics new generation based on the use of 16-bit processor and electrically reprogrammable ROM.
* Obtain statistical data on the sales of the machine in the format of EVA-DTS
* GSM device enables remote monitoring of the machine.
* The “Flash” enables connection via RS232 to a handheld or portable computer
Astro fits perfectly in any interior thanks to the illuminated panel for photo design and smooth lines form the front panel. "