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Shaving machine from USA Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Power

Offer type: salePublished: 10.03.2014
Seller:Vitalij Vitalij
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Product code SM
Floating head: Yes
The presence of a lubricating strip: Yes
Number of blades : 3
The number of cartridges in the kit: 1 piece
Country of origin: USA
Vibration mode: Yes
The number of modes of vibration: 1
New Gillette MACH3 Sensitive - designed specifically for sensitive skin!
Gillette introduces a new razor Gillette MACH3 Sensitive, designed for real men who appreciate a fast, comfortable shave and smooth skin without irritation even on sensitive areas.
Gillette MACH3 is one of the most popular razors Gillette, due to which millions of men around the world every morning clean-shaven. They are committed to the MACH3 razor for many years and do not intend to change it to other models. However, more than 2/3 of them have special needs when shaving. The fact that about 37% of men are those who have sensitive skin, prone to irritation when shaving, which require particularly careful treatment .
That is why, today, Gillette is the first since 2004 innovation legendary razor MACH3! Advanced machine MACH3 Sensitive gives men smooth shave without irritation even on sensitive areas of the skin. Three thin and sharp blades Gillette tight to the skin, gently shave the hairs, leaving a feeling of freshness and comfort. And the new lubricating strip with Aloe Vera provides even smoother glide, protecting it from irritation to sensitive areas.
In addition, Gillette MACH3 Sensitive boasts a new comfortable grip white-green color, which perfectly fit in your hand, not vyskalzyvaya when shaving.
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