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Soldering and tinning circuit boards and chips

Offer type: servicesPublished: 10.03.2014
Seller:Ustinov Mihail Mihajlovich
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Low prices - high quality
Trial party at Your price!
Surface mounting - 0.05/ 0.09 per point for soldering components in SOIC, QFP, PLCC with the number of pins 16 and over and a step of 0.6 mm and more
Surface mounting - from 0.40 per point soldering, the minimum price for large orders based on the number of rations on the same Board, the total number of rations in the order of components and the number of part types
The use of high-performance automated equipment, the location, the use of optimization methods of production and flexible approach to pricing in each case allows us to offer the lowest prices on surface and surface mounting components while maintaining consistently high quality.
It is generally accepted that the quote is based on the cost-per-point soldering. This greatly simplifies the solver, however, does not accurately reflect the actual cost of the work, and in most cases the Customer has to pay. So the installation time on the automatic line resistor (2 soldering points) and chip QFP100 (100 soldering points) varies 4-5 times, and the number of ration - 50 times! Similarly for pin installation - molded, install and solder resistors 30 (60 soldering points) are significantly more difficult than one connector with 60 conclusions.
Our company pricing is based on actual labor for the manufacture of the product, taking into account the volumes of the party, pre-production and delivery times.
We are doing the first batch of products to the Customer, appreciate the complexity, based on his requirements, and then agree on a price that is acceptable for us and for the Customer.
We will collect the equipment and imported finished orders across Moscow and Tula. Logistics in Russia organized by using trusted transport companies.