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OST "the Director Astrahan" Dispenser weight with electronic feed conveyor for packing in packages up to 5 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2017
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Chernivtsi
Purpose: For manual packing in packages of bulk materials weighing up to 5 kg, Such as sugar, pasta, cereals, etc.
Packaging materials: Ready-made packages of film or paper containers with an open top
Working principle: the Dispenser ensures the formation of the desired dose of product. When the operator presses the reset button, a measured dose of product is poured through the funnel into the bag or container, which the operator holds under the funnel.
Operator: the Operator loads or controls the loading of product into the upper hopper takes the package or container from the package, opens it and enters under the funnel. After filling the package can be soldered or sew on accessories.
The number of threads of dosing units
Beyond dispensing, kg
0.1 to 5
Discrete job mass dose,
Performance Max. PGS./hour
to 720 for 0.1 to 2 kg
up to 600 for 3-5 kg
Compressed air ATM.
6-8, 50 B.C. L./min.
The parameters of the electric network power
220V ±2%; 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW
Weight, kg
Overall dimensions, mm
Components and assemblies
-the hopper;
the dosing weight with conveyor feeding a single-threaded;
The main differences
Packing in ready packaging
Comes fully assembled on a pallet (without hopper).
Ordering information
Price: 43 000 UAH.