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OST "the Director Astrahan" semi-automatic Dispenser for packing vegetables and fruits in the finished packaging up to 30 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 26.01.2017
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Chernivtsi
Purpose: For semi-automatic dispensing of vegetables and fruits.
Products: Vegetables, fruits, root weight 1 piece up to 0.3 kg
Packaging materials: Mesh, jute, polypropylene bags, cases, boxes, other finished container.
Main technical characteristics:
1. The dosing range is 1-100 kg
2. Performance - up to 2 t/h
3. Power supply - 220V.
4. Dimensions - mm HH
5. Weight 210 kg
1. The hopper drive with in-feed conveyor
2. Sack sewing machine manual or stationary
3. The generator current offline
4. Reinforced chassis for transport in trailer mode.
Working principle: the Product from the hopper through a special pipeline falls within a preset containers or hanging from the bag. When the dose is dialed almost to the established norms, the feed rate of production decreases. This ensures a high accuracy of dosing. When the dose is fully formed, the production flow stops and flashes the indicator "Dose ready". After replacing the container to empty, you can start the next cycle of the set dose.
Operator: the Operator sets the variables dosing on the remote control. Controls the availability of products in the loading hopper (if used hopper, this occurs automatically). Pulls out of the pack, opens the container or bag and sets or hang the bag on the platform. Presses pedal or the start button dispensing and, after filling the container, provides its replacement and closure.
Differences from other models:
Semi-automatic dispenser differs from the automatic to the fact that in semi-automatic dosing and weighing is done in consumer containers during dispensing performs the function of the weighing hopper. This lower cost of equipment, but also less productive due to the fact that when the operator changes and is filled with containers, the dispenser is not gaining the next dose.
Differences from other manufacturers:
To work in offline mode, the dispenser is equipped with a generator of electric current, are placed on the chassis of the dispenser. This provides the opportunity to work in the field or in non-electrified areas and in places where often there are power failures.
Country of origin Ukraine
Power consumption 1.4 (kW)
Network settings
Voltage 220.0 ()
Frequency 50.0 (GHz)
General settings
Weight 210.0 (kg)
Length 2400.0 (mm)
Width 850.0 (mm)
Height 1900.0 (mm)
Additional features
The capacity of 2 t/h
Packaging materials Mesh, jute, polypropylene bags, cases, boxes, other finished container.
Ordering information
Price: 78 000 UAH.