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OST "the Director Astrahan" Semi Sofragraf FT-12 for packing in mesh with clipping

Offer type: salePublished: 20.01.2017
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Chernivtsi
Purpose: the machine is suitable for packing vegetables and fruits in knitted mesh, bonding
metal bracket and the subsequent cutting of the grid. Allows you to increase productivity,
to improve the appearance of the packaging and to reduce the consumption grid.
Working principle: the packing process is as
follows: the products are Packed into the bunker with tuba that hosts the grid. The formation of
packaging is done by means of a foot pedal, Clipsal and segments of the grid in the working part
device. One package spent 2 metal brackets. In the structure of the machine includes: a housing that holds
head scamosciata and adjustable table, foot control, two dispenser brackets and protective cover
Country of origin Ukraine
General settings
Weight 36.0 (kg)
Length 700.0 (mm)
Width 600.0 (mm)
Height 1260.0 (mm)
Additional features
The capacity of 1000 kg/h
Beyond dispensing of 0.2 - 2 kg
The capacity of the dispenser brackets 740 PCs
Ordering information
Price: 22 400 UAH.