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OST "the Director Astrahan" Line pressing and packing of sawdust, peat, wood chips, mineral wool in PE bags

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2017
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Chernivtsi
Purpose: For semi-automatic dosing and packing of products into briquettes in PE bags.
Products: Porous, fibrous, compressible materials - sawdust, peat, cellulose, mineral wool, waste film, tissues, etc.
Packaging materials: Bag of PE normal or coextruding layered with side folds.
Packing design: Briquette sizes HH mm with a sealed bottom and a sealed or sewn top. The size of the briquette can be from HH to HH are manufactured in accordance with the TOR, this may change the cost of the equipment.
Principle of operation: the feed auger (option) the product gets into the loading chamber of the press. Upon receipt of the prescribed dose, the production flow is terminated. The dose is controlled by the time the screw conveyor (optional number of revolutions of the auger). After the fixed delay in the automatic mode starts to operate the press. At the outlet, the operator puts the bag PE. Extruded product emerges from the funnel, filling and pushing the bag. Bag filled with products is provided on the output conveyor, manually execute further operations upon the closing of the top of the briquette - stitching or gluing. Due to the fact that the dosing and compaction occur consecutively, the speed of operation of the system 40 to 60 packages per hour. The line can operate in automatic mode and process commands from the remote control.
Operator actions: Monitors the flow of production, puts the bag on the outlet of the press, closes the top of the bag manually using additional devices, transports ready packaging on the pallet.
Control: Remote control LCD which displays data about the operation of the press. Start and stop operations can be carried out in automatic mode or operation. The system has its own control oil temperature. For adjustment processes on the controller has a mode for manual control of individual mechanisms.
The security button is installed in 3 places in the line to stop line in the event of an emergency.
Logistics: For ease of transportation, the press made folding. For transportation press the desired tilt transportation with top loading.
The volume of loading chamber press m3
Beyond dispensing, m3
The performance pack./hour
* The size of the briquette, mm
(determined by the size press and the output socket)
* Bag procurement of HDPE
Width 380 mm, Bookmarks sidebar (folds) h mm
Bag length 1300 mm
Maximum pressing force (pressing goes up to the specified size, and not up to full strength)
20 000 kgs
The parameters of the electric network power
380V 3F
Installed power, kW
* Weight, t
* Overall dimensions, mm, DSF
* Shipping dimensions, mm, DSF
1. HH
2. HH
Components and assemblies
- Hydraulic press with pneumonetworks (inner layer of steel in contact with the material and slide NZ, floaters - caprolon modified graphite+molybdenum)
- Oil station with a base dressing.
- Roller conveyor
- management - operator panel with LCD display XINJE (optional - Siemens)
- Camozzi Pneumatics (optional MetalWork, Festo)
- hydraulics - Ponar Wadowice, MP Filtri, ATOS, Caproni
1 valve, 1 valve hydraulic
Ordering information
Price: 600000