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OST "the Director Astrahan" packing machine Pneumatic-100 for package in packages "Stick"

Offer type: salePublished: 23.01.2017
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Chernivtsi
Purpose: For automatic filling and packaging bag type "Stick" from a roll of heat-sealing film or paper.
Products: depending on the type of metering device, this machine can pack products such as coffee, sugar, salt, spices, Supplements, jam, condensed milk, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, shampoo, etc.
Packaging materials: Canvas roll - film single and double sided heat-sealable polypropylene (BOPP) transparent, pearlescent, metallic laminates, triplexes, laminated paper
The design of the package: "Stick" with two transverse and one longitudinal seam.
Working principle: the Film is unwound from the roll, passes through the shaft tensioner, through the control zone photo tags, through the zone of the date below thermal transfer printer (option), via the node bactericidal treatment (optional). On the collar shaper flat film rolled in a tube. Propivaetsya longitudinal/middle seam. Further, the horizontal node sponges prepaymet film two transverse seams and makes an incision between them. When Packed the previous packet and sealed the bottom of the next package. When a new packet is generated, the machine instructs the dispenser to discharge the dose. The dispenser puts/pours dose products through the cone into the prepared package. Simultaneously, there is a drawing package to the desired length. The length is controlled by photomatt, which is printed on the film or on the parameters of the packet length without photo tags specified in the controller machine. After filling with product and transport package, the machine gives the command and the node horizontal jaws starts next automatic cycle - Packed the previous packet and sealed the bottom of the next package. When used without a dispenser, the product is fed manually or with the help of special devices, and starting the cycle of the machine is the triggering of the sensor product or pedal/button start. When working with dispenser automatic cycle is started when the previous packet and the dispenser is ready to unload the next dose. The performance of the machine depends mainly on the performance of the dispenser. Therefore, the choice of dosing should be guided by the type of Packed products, maximum dose, maximum packet size and the desired performance.
Operator: the Operator falls asleep/fills, or monitors the filling of the product hopper. Sets the film and sets up the formation of the package. Sets the panel control unit dose, and other variables. Fold the finished pack, packing group (if you have not set the option group packaging).
Design features: the Unique design of the Machine "Pneumatic-100" is that the machine has a minimum size and can be manufactured in outdoor performance and tablet, when the roll of material to be not in the side, and at the bottom of the machine. Tablet version is convenient when you need to save space or width set on the frame with the option group packaging. The parts in contact with product are made of materials that are allowed direct contact with food products. Frame, structural elements and cladding can be made of stainless steel, and conventional construction painted steel. In the basic configuration of acetotartrate drive elements are pneumatic cylinders. This provides control of the process, easy maintenance and low cost. But for such a machine compressor needed.
Video on this machine:
Video on this machine, packing group
Country of origin Ukraine
Batching limit 50.0 (g)
Maximum performance 50.0 (PCs/min)
Regulation of the heating temperature soldering site Yes
The changing volumes of the "glasses" of the dispenser Yes
The amount of dose 50.0 (CC)
The minimum width of the package 20.0 (mm)
The maximum packet length 150.0 (mm)
The maximum width of the package 50.0 (mm)
The packaging material of the multilayer film, a polypropylene, a two-layer film, a polypropylene-polyethylene film, plastic film, paper
The diameter of the roll 400 (mm)
Power consumption 1.1 (kW)
Network settings
Voltage 220.0 ()
Frequency 50.0 (GHz)
General settings
Length 1000.0 (mm)
Width 500.0 (mm)
Height 1550.0 (mm)
Ordering information
Price: 55 560 USD.